Mary O'Malley
Owner/ Lead Permanent Makeup Artist

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Mary is an incredible pillar of strength, courage, and compassion dedicated to helping others find their confidence.

She had always dreamed of following in her Mother's footsteps as a Beautician. Growing up in the beauty industry, Mary was pulled towards cosmetics. She has worked for several cosmetic beauty lines.

Mary has been blessed with 5 beautiful daughters and many grandchildren, which she adores.  After meeting her husband Chris, she found herself taking care of their children and helping manage their concrete company, Hard Rock Concrete Construction, Inc.  Again her love of beauty rose to the surface as she explored the decorative aspects of the industry, tattooing designs into the concrete!

In 2010 her health began to decline, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Myasthenia Gravis, among other ailments. The effects of these illnesses left her unable to perform many simple every day tasks. Eventually all of this led to a loss of confidence, passion, and inner peace. As time went on she decided to boost her confidence by having her eye liner and lip color done permanently, since she was unable to apply makeup herself, at times.  All of this has made her a much stronger person than she had ever imagined.

It was at this time she knew she wanted to help others feel better about themselves on a daily basis. She made herself a promise, if she were ever physically capable, she would learn and offer the services that assisted in her own recovery. She worked with many doctors and began incorporating Holistic approaches such as energy work, sound therapy,  aromatherapy and holistic laser therapy into her healing regimen. Over time Mary was able to heal, regain her strength, and most importantly her confidence.

Honoring the commitment she had made to herself she now offers the energy work modalities that assisted her in literally getting back on her feet. As well as giving others back their confidence through permanent cosmetic tattoo and areola tattoo and  Laser skin rejuvenation therapy. Mary had promised herself to help others heal on all levels, and in opening Permanent Makeup On Broadway she incorporates all the pieces of wellness and beauty into one amazing venture.

Mary is humbled and honored to now be a part of a local charity organization, Looking and Feeling Fab Inc., founded by Holly Brown. She is proud to offer her services to their clients and friends and family and give back 20 percent of the proceeds to the foundation. Permanent Makeup on Broadway also donates a safe and comfortable place for the treatments of the clients. If you are interested in the products you may order here or Please go to their website for more information at

She trained at Prettyology awarded best of Boston 2017. Mary is Utilizing the highest quality products and state of the art equipment. She will continue to expand her knowledge with Girls Ink, Will Anthony, Vicky Martin, FK Irons, Tina Davies and some of the best technicians in the industry to bring clients a professional experience and beautiful outcome.
Mary is also trained and certified in Cryion Cold low level laser therapy to aid in more youthful and radiant skin, which is great for rosacia and acne prone skin, reduce weight, and promote fat loss.

*Fundamental Art & Science of Micropigmentation Certified at Academy of Prettyology
*Advanced Hybrid brows training with Prettyology
*Certified training in Nano lines and *Microneedling  with Mary Richarson
*Stretch-nique course with Will Anthony
*Multiple trainings of 3D Areola VMM Certified Training
*Advanced Wing Eyeliner at Girls Ink - Las Vegas, NV
*Star Dust Eyeliner and Dusty LIps Pigmentation at Prettyology
*Certificate for Oncology Skincare Training with Holly Brown, Looking and Feeling Fab Organization
*Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Trained by Candice Peroli, Esthetic Solutions

*Member of Society of Permanent Cosmetics Profesionals

*Cryion Laser Certification
*Reiki Master Teacher
*New Paradigm Master
*Crystal Bowl Practitioner/Sound Healing Alchemist
*Blood Born Pathogens/First Aid Cpr certified