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Professional liner without the hassle!

All Applications include a follow up touch up Appointment!

Eye Liner Top   $395
Bottom            $395

Both Top & Bottom @ same Appt. $595

Top lash Enhancement
(in between each lash) $295

Pre-procedure for eyeliner:
  • Do not wear contact lense during procedure or for 24 hours afterwards. 
  • Bring sunglasses to wear home. Your eyes may be sensitive afterwards. 
  • Do not dye or perm lashes 2 days prior. 
  • Do not use eyelash curler the day of the procedure. 
  • If you have had any type of eye surgery, consult with the physician about how long you should wait before having a permanent eyeliner procedure. Most physicians are giving a 2 month ok after cataract, lasik, and blepharoplasty.

  • Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure or for 24 hours afterwards. 
  • Have sunglasses available. Eyes may be light sensitive or even dilated immediately after. 
  • Do not dye, perm, or use eyelash curler for 2 weeks.
  • Do not use mascara until outer layer healing is complete (3-5 days). 
  • Eyes will be swollen for a few days. Eyes may feel dry or irritated. Lubricating refresher drops may be used. 

Day one wait 1-2 hours to allow the wound to weep, after 2 hours wipe with moisten cotton pad, and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor with a cotton swab every hour until bed.

Clean area with mild soap and water before bed, and apply thin layer of Aquaphor.

Day 2 repeat the wiping of the brows two times a day and adding a thin layer of Aquaphor.

For the first 10 days avoid
  • Sweating 
  • Sports
  • Sauna
  • Tanning
  • Picking or peeling area
  • Spicy Foods
  • Smoking
  • Touching area